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At Coin Laundry

Our mission is to bring back the promise of great service

Lemon Grove Coin Laundry is a self service coin laundry with knowledgable attendants on duty to assist you. We offer excellently maintained washers and dryers to fit any families needs. We have single load washers to 8 load family size washers and every size in between. The laundry has just been extensively remodeled and maintained to the highest levels of cleanliness.

We have an abundance of parking in the front and rear of store. The store is monitored with 24/7 video surveillance.  We have a water vending machine that is some of the purest drinking water you can find and tastes excellent. We also have a ton of seating and laundry carts to make your laundry experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. Come by and check us out. You will be very glad you did.

This laundry has been a staple in the Lemon Grove community ever since opening in 2007. We constantly re-invest in the store to make sure the customer is always extremely pleased with their laundry experience and proud of this neighborhood laundry.

Coin Operated, Family-Sized Washers!

Producing up to 200 G-force extract, Our washers reach higher extract
speeds than most other machines on the market! By reaching higher speeds,
Our washers remove more water during extract, cutting resulting dry time
and associated natural gas and electricity consumption. Moreover,
customers complete laundry sooner!

Services and Amenities

Self-Service Commercial Accounts
Drop-off Laundry Family-Sized Washers
Drop & Dash Laundry Free Parking
Big-Load Washers ATM
High-Efficiency Dryers Laundry Supplies for Sale
Knowledgeable Attendants  Free Wi-Fi
Bright, Comfortable & Clean Student Study Area

Our Washers and Dryers

Top load washers 10
20 lb washers 15
30 lb washers 15
60 lb washers 4
80 lb washers 2
75 lb dryers 4
30 lb dryers 30

Frequently Asked Questions

Lemon Grove Coin Laundry is located at 7973 Broadway in Lemon Grove California
Spas, Salons, Health Clinics, Doctors offices, Sleep Centers, Care Facilities, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Fitness Centers, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Hotels Large, Hotels Small, Bed & Breakfasts, Janitorial laundry including rags, wet and dust mops, Restaurants , Youth Camps, Contractors, Country Clubs
Yes! Our Washers and Dryers drastically cut water, electricity and natural gas usage, while offering customers a quicker wash and dry. Our freestanding washers provide more energy-efficiency than traditional hard-mount washers. They also reach extract speeds of 354 G-force, which allows customers to wash and dry loads in less than an hour. The washers, with such high extract speeds, remove more water per load when compared to traditional hard-mount machines…loads dry 40 to 50 percent faster using considerably less natural gas and electricity. Because dryers run less often they experience less wear-and-tear and use less natural gas.
At Lemon Grove Coin Laundry the equipment is only 6 years old.

Yes! We will wash, dry, fold and bag your laundry for 99 cents per pound



5:30am – 10:30pm • Last Wash at 9:30pm

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